Craft brewery Mlinarica

In 2016, craft brewery Mlinarica joins the Zagreb craft revolution and begins
to produce premium unfiltered and unpasteurized craft beer.

After several years of homebrewing in his backyard, Edi Jendrić, son of Ivica and Sanda, decides to open a craft brewery within the Mlinarica pub, in order to provide fresh, unique and various top quality craft beers for the guests of Mlinarica. The brewery produced its first beers in the summer of 2016.

The quality of our lager beers was quickly recognized

In the beginning, Mlinarica brewery offered two types of craft lagers: Czech style lager i Black Widow.
Although several craft breweries already existed in Zagreb at the time, terms such as „craft brewery“ and „craft beer“ were still unfamiliar to a lot of people, and beer styles such as pale ale and IPA were not common.
At first, for people who were accustomed to drinking only industrial beers, it was unusual that the beer has such a full, pleasant and juicy aroma, but they quickly recognized the difference in quality.

In September of the same year, the third beer from our constant supply saw the light of day. Vienna lager, was made and with open arms and a thrill accepted by the guests.

Rye pale ale, our first ale beer

We were constantly educating our guests about the world of craft beer and how many different aromas and flavours are present in it. Right at the very beginning of 2017, we decided to make our first ale beer. Rye pale ale came as the first seasonal and the first more hopped beer in which other interesting types of hops, Citra and Amarillo, were present. For some, that beer was, as expected, too fruity at the time. It seemed to them that the beer tasted like elderberry – the taste of fruit and elderberry was obtained from a new variety of hops, not from the fruit. The other part of our guests accepted the beer with positive shock and amazement. At the time, people couldn’t even imagine that beer could have such an aromatic taste.

Expanding the horizons of beer lovers

After the Rye pale ale, the Mlinarica brewery goes on a beer campaign and in our regular beer offer we include American pale ale and Bitter Kiss IPA, but we still continue brewing different seasonal beers to show people how big the world of craft beers is. We started to offer Porters, Stouts, Saisons, Bocks…
In the same year, in May 2017, we are expanding our brewery with three new tanks and an even greater desire for new beers. With the expansion of the brewery, we are gaining additional space for new seasonal beers, but the consumption and sales are also increasing. Soon we start selling our beers outside the pub. Slowly but surely, we start spreading our beer offer around Zagreb, and throughout the rest of Croatia.
In June 2017, we presented our beers for the first time at the craft beer festival, in Crikvenica, where we met colleagues from other craft breweries. By regularly visiting the festivals, we became a recognizable and well-known craft brewery. So far, we have brewed about forty different types of beer.

Craft Brewery Mlinarica – Savage series

Our main goal is to produce beer of constant quality, without large deviations. In craft brewing, that is a big challenge. We also want to show you how big the world of craft beer is, and how the only limitation for the creation of new beers can be the limited creativity of the brewers themselves. Therefore, each new seasonal beer brings a new dose of excitement and challenge to our brewers. We recently launched a new series of beers, Wild Sour or „Mixed fermentation beers“, with which we want to introduce you to the world of fermentation, bacteria and „wild“ yeasts, show you what flavours can we get from fermentation and certain types of yeasts, or aging of beers in wooded barrels.

We are especially proud that all our beers are made exclusively in a natural way, without artificial flavours and preservatives. We are trying to make the most reliable and stable beer for all our beer lovers.

Pivovara Mlinarica Savage serija
Craft is for us a way of thinking,
and with such an attitude we approach the creation of all our beers..

What care I how time advances, I am drinking ale today.