Craft beer

Combining traditional and modern brewing
craft pivo mlinarica

In our brewery, we are always with great excitement working on the production of new beers, while also keeping our regular beer offer in top shape.
We make our craft beer with treated water that goes through the reverse osmosis system. In this way, the water is softened and adapted to each beer style. We find that water has a big impact on the quality of beer.

The barley malt for our beer we acquire from local fields in Croatia and from the Czech Republic. One part of the hops come from the Czech Republic, the other one from the USA. The yeast we also buy from abroad, while the yeast for our „Experimental sour beers“ we grow ourselves.

We are lovers of all styles of beer. We appreciate traditional beer types typical for our area, such as German and Czech pilsners, Vienna lager, Marzen and Helles, but we also enjoy all types of IPA, Sour, Stouts, Porters, etc..

We see beer as a living product and pay special attention and care to all our beers. Every craft lager of ours is aged for at least forty days. With our ales we are also not in hurry, we rather wait for all the flavors and aromas to settle down. We would rather run out of beer for seven days than offer you too young or unaged beer.
The production of the beer itself is not that complicated, but producing top-quality craft beer is a very demanding and difficult process.

In our offer, we have five beers from the regular offer and a large selection of different seasonal beers.
Mlinarica pivo u čaši

Craft beers in our
regular offer

Mlinarica svijetli craft lager


The perfect craft lager
for any time of day and year.

This is a beer of golden color, mild herbal aroma, and pleasant, malty flavour, which is followed by fine hop aromas. Czech-style lager is a balance of malty taste and hop aromas.

This lager is easily combined with a lot of dishes, such as beans with sausage, various stews, turkey with mlinci, fried chicken, fried oyster mushrooms, and homemade debrecener sausages.


A craft beer for those want
to feel the real taste of malt.

Four types of malt used in this beer gave it an amber color and a strong malty flavour. This is a refreshing beer, whose flavours will remain in the mouth long after each sip. A strong malty flavour, that comes from Vienna malt, is present from the beginning all the way to the end of the drinking.

Vienna lager goes well with BBQ ribs, Mlinarica meat patty (pljeskavica Mlinarica), Mlinarica saber (sablja Mlinarica), Wiener schnitzel (Vienna steak), homemade beer sausages, cherry or plum strudel, and the most dishes one eats with a spoon.

Mlinarica vienna craft lager
Mlinarica schwarzbier-tamni craft lager

Black Widow (Dark Lager)

A German classic made in our own way.

A smaller proportion of roasted malt gave this beer a slight taste of bitterness and aromas of coffee and chocolate, followed by low to moderate notes of caramel. A fuller body of a beer and its complex taste give an unforgettable experience that will leave no one indifferent.

It is easily paired with beefsteak, rump steak, stuffed steak (lungić) on kaymak foam, Zagreb steak, or bučnica (cheese-pumpkin strudel).


„Different from the others!“

Why is our pale ale different from the others?
Because in our pale ale there is an emphasis on rye malt, and that ingredient is rarely used in our area.
Rye malt gives the beer a toasted aroma of bread and a pleasant spiciness. The taste of rye is recognizable at the first sip, while other special malts bring strong malty aromas and deep copper color.
In this beer, two sorts of American hops are in larger quantities blended. They gave the beer fine floral and citrus aromas, which complement very well with the spiciness of rye malt. Medium body, moderate carbonation, pleasant maltiness = BALANCE
Due to its characteristic taste, this beer will go well with Mlinarica burger, Mlinarica skewers, BBQ wings, Mlinarica chicken, homemade debrecener sausages, or čvarkuša.
Mlinarica craft pivo APA
Mlinarica Bitter Kiss IPA


Don't miss Bitter Kiss

This nectar will greatly refresh you. Its power will ignite your imagination and send you to a place similar to a tropical paradise.
The intriguing hop aromas of avocado, mango and citrus will, without compromise, install in you a burning desire for a new sip, and an aspiration to go on vacation already tomorrow. True West coast IPA.

It’s great to combine Bitter Kiss with BBQ wings, beer beans (pivnički grah), Croatian tripe soup (špek fileki), Mlinarica meat patty (pljeskavica Mlinarica), and ice wind cake (ledeni vjetar).