The Jailors


Although Billy didn’t live long, his story still had a long way to go.

After taking down The Spy, Billy once again saddled up his loyal horse and took flight from justice and the law. Billy was once again alone on this getaway, but this time his fleeing didn’t last long. In one moment when Billy was unwary, the sheriff’s men snuck up on him and pressed a gun to the back of his head. Billy was finally caught and his wild escapade was over. He was now locked up until further notice!

Being far away from freedom, Billy wasted no time and started plotting his escape. As time passed, Billy was running out of plans, but fortunately, a chance for escape came his way quickly. In a moment of carelessness, one of the jailors left the key in the lock of Billy’s cell, giving him a chance to escape. Billy immediately seized this opportunity, fled the cell, and swiftly disarmed one of the jailors. Bang, Bang! He took down both jailors without hesitation. Sure enough, Billy jumped back on his trusted horse and set off once again into the distance, far away from the reach of the city law and justice.

But for how long will Billy be able to evade being captured again? Who would put an end to his wild escapades? Where is Billy hiding? The story is to be continued. Until then, enjoy your time with The Jailors.

Main aromas

Mango, Grapeffruit, orange peel


HBC 630, Chinook, Citra, Amarillo